Scott Mader, an operations manager at Distribution Center 6061 in Statesboro, Ga., is a long way from home. 

Scott began working for Walmart in Kansas almost 12 years ago.

"I moved 1,000 miles to move up in the company—we were in Kansas," says Scott. "Before this, I had only seen the ocean one time. Now, I'm an hour from the beach. The weather's very nice, to put it mildly." 

Scott's experience with his employer has also been enjoyable. 

"For me, Walmart's everything," he says. "The stability, the security we have ... I like the culture and the opportunities." 

Handling a variety of tasks is another benefit. "I can do a bunch of things without changing jobs," says Scott. "I've never done the same thing for three straight years at Walmart. I've always been able to learn something different."

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